Recruitment Time

I need someone who has time and is willing to encode DVDs. You will need to bring your own skills and knowledge to the table. All the sources (Besides fansubs & alternative language audio files) you will need are pre-uploaded to our Google Drive. You will be allowed to work at your own pace, I will not rush you to complete a project, but you may have to do multiple retakes on the encodes, because DVD encoding is not easy. It is a work of art. I appraise all who can do a good job.

KG is DEAD as of Sept. 14.

Posted – 09/05/2019
This is the last torrent from Koten Gars. These past 5 years were fun. But now I need to move on with my life. Koten Gars is Dead. I can’t keep going. I’m sorry everyone. The Discord Server & the Torrents will all be deleted on September 14th, 2019. Save what you can. Plz do not share the files on Nyaa. AB & BakaBT are ok tho. I will dump all dead/incomplete projects to the Team Drive over the next 3 months. I will also post BDMVs from time to time on there to share, just plz use my name (Mr. Kimiko) on the torrents. I’ve had it with all the hate & shit I get for my encodes. I quit. I’m sorry. I need my life back. I’m only 25 years old. My Mum died in Dec. 2017. Dad is in rehab, I almost was living on the streets. I lost my wife-to-be cuz I loved Anime & Manga more. We had a good run. Goodbye guys!

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